Office of Finance
Office of Finance

The Office of Finance is responsible for collecting business taxes, supporting businesses to obtain tax exemptions when applicable, and administering a variety of business licenses.

The Office of Finance is responsible for the collection of approximately $2.5 billion in revenue from various sources including taxes, licenses, fees, and permits which fund numerous essential municipal services to City residents and businesses.  The Office of Finance provides on-line services which allow businesses to register, renew and pay any bills due related to city tax liabilities.  Businesses may also perform these tasks by mail or by visiting any of four service offices.

Key services that the Office of Finance offers business owners include:

  • Issuing Business Tax Registration Certificates for new business owners
  • Overseeing annual business tax collection and renewals
  • Administering some types of business permits and licenses, including:
    • Police alarm permits
    • Police permits
    • Fire permits
    • Tobacco retailer permits
    • Police garage forms
    • Monthly communication user's tax
    • Parking occupancy taxes
    • Transient occupancy taxes.

Address (please see website for additional regional locations):

200 North Spring Street, Room 101
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(844) 663-4411