Resources and Incentives
Resources and Incentives

From networking to financing, there are many business resources and financial incentives to help you start and grow your business. Explore what’s available.

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City of Los Angeles Building and Safety Concierge Program
The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Concierge Program is a service provided to direct customers who are applying, or may need to apply, for building permits to the appropriate development services, assist in resolving problems, and provide a simple feasibility study for home and small business projects.
City of Los Angeles Development Services Case Management
The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Case Management Program helps guide major and complex projects through various city agency requirements during the design, planning, entitlement and permitting stages.
City of Los Angeles Expedited Processing (City Planning)
The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning offers Expedited Processing for certain types of zoning and entitlement cases.
Film LA
Film LA is a non-profit public benefit corporation that provides centralized coordination for production companies to obtain filming permits within Los Angeles.
City of Los Angeles Parallel Design - Permitting Process
The Department of Building and Safety Parallel Design - Permitting Process (PDPP) can help to expedite major projects by allowing the design and permitting processes to occur concurrently.
City of Los Angeles Restaurant & Hospitality Express Program
The Restaurant and Hospitality Express Program (RHEP), offered by the Department of Building and Safety, facilitates the approval process for food service establishments, such as restaurants and bars. The RHEP acts to streamline approvals, provide assistance to restaurateurs, their design and construction teams, and enhance coordination in permitting and regulations.
Valley Economic Alliance Business Assistance Program
The Valley Economic Alliance (VEA) is a non-profit collaborative made up of businesses, government, education and community organizations in the San Fernando Valley. The VEA offers a business assistance program, in partnership with the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp, to help businesses with permits, site selection, financing, tax credits and other technical assistance.
ZIMAS is a mapping application that provides detailed parcel reports to help identify zoning for your existing or prospective business address. The zoning will indicate whether your proposed business activity is a legally permitted use for that address.
Department of Water and Power Case Management Program
New businesses that are unfamiliar with the City of Los Angeles’ technical processes can request case management services to assist with electric service planning, water service planning, engineering requirements, meter service and city and utility programs and incentives.
City of Los Angeles - Building Permit Guide
The Department of Building and Safety offers different kinds of plan check and permit processes for new construction or remodeling projects. This document provides information on which process is most suitable depending on your project size and needs.